Travel Diaries: Summer Honors Institute at LIU Post


This summer, I was accepted into the Sumer Honors Institute at Long Island University. Throughout the week, I explored the various areas of fasion merchandising. This is my travel diary from my time there!

Day 1 & 2 


 So it’s day two at LIUSHI. With all the running around yesterday, I hardly had a chance to stop and write. Initially I had a lot of anxiety, but as soon as I walked on campus I received such a warm welcoming. The other students kept stopping to say hi and the staff was super friendly. I met my roommate who later that night moved out due to a mishap. However, after my parents left, the anxiety returned. There wasn’t really anything planned since check in would continue for a another couple of hours. After awhile I decided to check out the student boutique since I would be spending most of time throughout the week there. Thankfully I ran into another fashion merchandising student and we kinda joined forces to explore the campus. Two hours later I met a couple more girls taking the same classes and we hit it off really well. It’s really cool to meet people who are truly into fashion like I am and not just shopping at typical teenage stores like Hollister or Pink. We got to go to an ice cream social. I have been absolutely obsessed with ice cream with rainbow sprinkles this month so I was in heaven! During icebreaker games, I finally met the entire group and got to know what everyone. Things got really wild that night while playing manhunt! I ended going to sleep pretty early compared to everyone else since I was up really early that day. 


Day two has been so great. Everything that we’ve done has been so much fun. After going around in a circle talking about the what got us interested in fashion and our favorite stores, we got into three teams of four for our first challenge. Honestly with all the challenges I felt like I was on Project Runway! What a dream come true! Our challenge was to go around campus and find the best dressed for business and casual and the best shoes. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of people on campus since many groups went into the city, so my group didn’t really find anyone. We returned and presented what we found. Next we watched two TED Talks. The first one was called “Forget Shopping, soon you’ll Download Your New Clothes”. It was the perfect introduction to tomorrow‘s trip the the Met and digital printing. I wasn’t able to catch the name of the second video, but it was basically about how fashion thrives on change. Both were inspiring. Next came the fun part. We broke into teams again and did another challenge. This time the challenge was to put together a piece project runway style with scraps. Once again, our team struggled but it was still fun! Next, we started on our final project. The idea is to put together and window display and inspiration board based around a theme. Ours was ‘Blushing In Lace”. My group was really inspired by this blue lace two piece and decided to use royal blue as an accent color next to blush. It was nice to feel like a college student for awhile; working on our Pinterest boards and have lunch. We went back to our dorm and got a text from our group leader telling us to come back for pizza. I remember being really mad at myself for buying food when there was free pizza. Later that night we were forced to go watch Batman vs Superman. We ended up leaving since it was too cold and such a bad movie. I thought the rest of my night would be quiet and relaxing, but around 12, my friends knocked on my door asking me to come hang out in their room. I left around 2, and got like 5 hours of sleep. I’m still really tired as I’m typing this.

Because I was so tired, I missed the wake up call and had to rush to get ready. After a quick breakfast, we were on a bus to the city. First thing, we checked out the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Met. Absolutely stunning. Words can’t possibly describe it. We got to meet a curator and a conservationist who were both really interesting. Then we went onto shopping. I picked up a really cool bomber jacket on sale from Zara. Last we stopped by a store that sells fashion magazines from around the world for our final project. 
It’s day 3 and it feels like I’ve been here for a week. This morning we went shopping since the designer we were supposed to visit cancelled last minute on us. Then we stopped for lunch at shake shack which wasn’t so nice just because we were literally sweating outside. Then we stopped at Frank Cassata Designs. Basically Frank’s is where companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and IZOD buy their prints. All the prints are vintage or original. I always thought companies made their own prints so I was super interested in this process. Afterwards, we stopped by Chelsea Market to wait for our tour of Google. I got a really inspirational pouch to remind myself to stay strong! Touring google was really cool. After our really long day, we were all too tired to participate in the scavenger hunt back at LIU even though I was really looking forward to it. 
Today marks day 4. After a rough night, we all had to wake up at 6:30 am to get on a bus to NYC by 7:45. Thank the heavens for coffee and Starbucks. Our first stop was IZOD. Surprisingly I was really intrigued by menswear and the design process. I wish I was creative enough to be a designer. It was cool to see how designers plan collections months in advance before selling them to companies like Macy’s and Kohls. Then we headed over to the Manhasset Americana for a quick tour. Being so close to high-end fashion was such a blessing. When we got back, we had a quick “sample” class taught by Cherir Serota. She was the co-founder of a maternal clothing line that became a million dollar business. Her words of advice inspired me to start making my own clothes and selling them on depop. My username is lifeingrey if you want to check me out! That night there was a party in the commons center. There were arcade games, cotton candy and popcorn, and karaoke. We all had so much fun on our last night together.
Friday we presented our final projects. Everyone was so creative and did a really good job. We had a quick farewell group in the boutique and then we went our separate ways. That concludes my travel diary! Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if I should do this again or possibly make a travel diary video for my next adventure!




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