My Summer Essentials: Part One


 Since summer is here I decided it was only fair I share with you my summer essentials. This is of list of items I cannot imagine going without this summer. I have decided to make this a two part post. The first half is kinda starting while the second one will come possibly mid-August. This way you guys can get a sense of what changed and what stayed the same. Anyways, let’s jump right into it.

1. Journal

If you are a fellow blogger, I’m sure you don’t go anywhere without your trusted journal, planner, or notepad. Personally, I love having something to write in on hand. Throughout the day I find new sources of inspiration and new ideas. I love being able to pull out a small book to write things down. The next thing I know, I’ve written a new blog post. This summer, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling, which means I’ll constantly have a lot of down time to write. 


2. T-shirt Dresses

I absolutely love these! They’re so easy and practical. They can create a look that is either casual or dressed up. For a sporty look, I pair them with converses, but when I want to look more put togethher, I’ll pair them with some heels or wedges. T-shirt dresses are so versatile you can even use them as a swimsuit coverup. Here in New York, it can get very hot which makes it even harder to squeeze into jeans. Thus, dresses provide a more breathable solution. Definitely pick up a t-shirt dress on your next trip to the mall.



3. NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

On a recent trip to Ulta, I asked for the best drugstore setting spray, which led me to the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray. This is the most effective setting spray at a drugstore price. I have oily skin and this truly does help my foundation stay matte all day long. It’s perfect for hot and humid days. Of course this is a summer must have.


4. DSLR Camera 

For the past year, I’ve been taking a photography class. I started with traditional and took an introductory to digital photography in my second semester. However, summer means I have no place to develop my negatives and what not. Thus, my trusted Canon 300D comes in hand. The quality of my photos is really nice and this camera is beginner friendly. The only downside is it doesn’t record videos. This camer is perfect for capturing summer memories.



5. Backpacks

Ever since my trip to Europe two years ago, I’ve been obsessed with backpacks. I rather have a backpack on than a bulky purs. I love the amount of movement they allow and the space. I think they can make an outfit 10x cuter!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!





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